Welcome to the Community Health Action! Since 2007 CHAN has been providing services to high desert families in need. CHAN offers a unique program working in corroborative relationship with the community and other agencies, to provide emergency services and the best educational resources available.

CHAN's program is structured in such a way that the client decides how much benefit they want to receive from the program. The higher their level of participation, the more benefit the client receives.

This empowering dynamic of give-and-take builds better relationships. Rather than being just another "give away program," CHAN stays connected with its clients with follows up and invitations to be actively involved in sponsored programs and events. Those who regularly attend events and volunteer their help are given preference when resources become available.

Client participation is a huge factor in CHAN's success. As we build on this success and the program continues to grow, we are looking towards being able to provide employment opportunities for clients that show they have the qualities of someone who has benefitted from the program and shown by their efforts they are ready to give back by being a permanent member of CHAN's out- reach efforts.

The CHAN program is not a give-away. It is a partnership because what we can't do alone we can do together. Going through tough times doesn't mean we have nothing to give. In fact the challenges we face can very well bring out the best in us. You are a needed, valued and respected part of what we do. CHAN not only wants to be a service provider, we want to be an opportunity provider too. Ready to work with us? Then come aboard. We are glad you are here.


We would like to thank our funding partners:

Lions ClubBank of AmericaEdison InternationalSan ManuelSt.Joseph HealthThe Community FoundationUS Bank California ReLEAF